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*If a "friend" of mine picks up one of my axes, I allow them to hold it and look it over...If they want to plug it in and play it, I embarrass them by saying (Half-jokingly), "Are you out of your phucking mind? EVERYBODY knows that only the V has "The secret encryption module" to engage the "Tryrilium Neutron splitter" that makes this Ultimate Rock Machine come alive !!!! LOL :).......If its NOT a friend of mine, I say (calmly, but STERN) "Yo man !! What are you doing?" (as I'm taking it from them) ...Then they'll say "Just looking at your guitar, man...Is it OK?".....Tell them that you get "Twitchy" when a stranger touches your stuff w/o asking first.....Wouldn't they? ....If they get gruffy, turn the tables right on them and tell them to get over it, no big deal....Ya don't dig people touchin' your stuff...You worked to hard for it.....If they call it a piece of schit (or something stupid to hide their embarrasment), then ask them why they touched it in the first place.....If they FLINCH after that, GET RIGHT IN THEIR FACE and ask them if they want their teeth re-arranged....Phuck 'em.......

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*Turn the bastard up and see what happenz.... :D