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For an Fmin13th chord I would assume the arranger wants an Fmin7th chord w/an added maj.6th.

Technically 13th chords contain 7 notes, although this is impossible on the guitar and rarely sounds good on piano either. You really only see all 7 notes used simutaneously in Big Band Charts and orchestra scores.

1 technique I use for playing jazz chords is to limit all your chords to 4 note voicings (1 note for each finger), and to sub-out notes within the chord for higher extensions. Here's what I do.
Root - 9th
3rd - 11th
5th - 13th
7th - 6th

This technique works pretty good. Here's an example playing Fmin13
(xx1131) or (xx68610) or (xx0 10 9 11)