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Originally posted by noticingthemistake

Since each note in a diminished seven chord can be considered it's root, you can take that a step farther by saying an inversion of that dim7 chord can be considered the leading tone to a new key's tonic.
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That's what I was talking about, Bbb resolving to Cbb is quite wacked. By referring to dim7 chords as dim 6th chord all of the enharmonic wacky spellings would disappear.

6th chords
The minor 6th is used a lot within a jazz context when a song modulates from Major to relative minor, the minor 6 (vi/i) adds a new color which would not normally be there within that modulation.

Also, since the minor 7th chord is not a diatonic i chord in harmonic minor, most jazz players will sub the minor 6th chord from melodic minor instead of using the min/maj7 found within harmonic minor.