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Haha. Oops, I don't know why I said iii could be a minor 6 chord. That creeped in there for some reason. No you won't see a iii minor 9th chord often, you may see it in a melody over a iii minor chord. About a tonic chord being minor 6th chord, I not sure about that. Your a jazz musician so you probably know more, but I would think it would be a minor 13th chord before a minor 6th.

As for the diminished seventh, I can see why you see it that way. Good point, and I also know alot of musicians especially in jazz will use a diminished seventh chord as a sub for a dominant or secondary dominant. Especially since the first inversion of a V7(b9) chord and the root of a VIIo7 can act as a leading tone to the tonic chord.

Since each note in a diminished seven chord can be considered it's root, you can take that a step farther by saying an inversion of that dim7 chord can be considered the leading tone to a new key's tonic. I use the later more since I don't play much jazz, but it is a nice variation to play with the listeners mind. I like to do that every once in a while. :D

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