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Dim7 -

Yeah, it just makes more sense to me to think of it as a diminished 7. The chord is called a dim7 after all.

Originally posted by chris mood

Amaj.6 (A, C#, E, F#)
A minor6 (A, C, E, F#)
A minor b6 (A, C, E, F)

Ok, but I thought chords were always named according to the scale in which they belong. Like Am6 . . . the 6th tone of the A minor scale is F, so it's implied that it's a flat 6th. You don't have to write the flat. For Amaj6, the 6th tone in A major is F#, so it's an A6.

According to that logic, the A minor6 that you wrote (A, C, E, F#) would be an Am-maj6. That makes a lot more sense, because you only specify the notes that are out of the corresponding scale. The F# is not in A minor, so you have to specifically call it a maj6.