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I've been a moderator for a couple of months now, Bardsley posted somewhere about being busy and that it would be cool to have someone take his place. I volunteered and I guess I wasn't as disliked as I thought I was. :cool: haha It's pretty cool and yeah since you've been gone the same questions are still being asked. urgh! Not as much as when I first started coming here since many have dicovered the search feature. There's been some good discussion, as an example chris posted about unique chord progressions which was pretty kool. Been some fire here too, me and griphon have gotten into some crazy debates. LOL. BTW cool site man.

BTW, The mixolydian mode is probably the most used mode in rock music. And the lydian is just cool, listen to dreamtheatre. I'd check them out Beast before labeling them as primitive. ;)
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