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Cool thread. Welcome back fellow moderator of the theory section. I'm a big fan of the lydian scale myself, and one that I like alot is the Lydian Dominant scale. I prefer this scale over the mixolydian scale when harmonizing over a dominant chord anyday. The lydian dominant is the same scale as the mixolydian except the fourth is raised. The only exception is a X7sus4, when mixolydian is a more suitable fit.

I'm a big fan of blues scales, both major and minor, just because I love the b3 and b5. The dorian scale is another good one for writting blues-type songs. Substituting a minor scale for phyrgain is also something I like and do alot. As for exotics, I really dig the Hungarian scales (gypsy) cause of their interesting tone.

Those are the ones I use and know I use, but alot of the time I'll alter scales without thinking what scale I'm using.
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