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05/27/2024 9:51 pm
#2 Originally Posted by: ChristopherSchlegel

This depends on your skill level & musical goals.

I'm assuming you are referring to my tutorials on practicing major triads & inversions in this collection.

The first two tutorials are about the basics of chord theory.  It sounds like you understand that part!  The next eight tutorials are about systematically covering the fretboard in triads in 3 string groupings.

Some of the shapes are a little difficult for beginners.  And some of the groupings are more useful than others for certain types of music.  I did all possible groupings to make sure everything was covered.  But any given guitar learner might not need to practice all of them.  It's can't hurt to know and practice them all.  But it might be a better use of your practice time to work on just one set, while you are still going through a course & learning songs.

Going through all of them is a pretty serious time commitment!  So it's best to prioritize your practicing based on your skills & goals.

Which courses have you worked through?  What is an estimate of your current skill level?  What types of music or songs are you interested in?

If you can answer those questions I can better help you decide which parts of the triads tutorials will benefit you most.

Hope that helps!

Hey Christopher Thankyou for replying . 

I’ve worked through Lisa fundamentals 1-2. I just left out the end part of music reading for now but will circle around to that when I need .


I’ve done a little bit of acoustic style level 1 with Anders . 

I can play many open chords . 7 an sus 4 chords . I know quite the theory on scales.


I once liked Ed Sheeran. I now like Olivia rodrigo. 

music I’d like to go towards is creating my own . R&B maybe pop . 


my main goal is to work towards unlocking the fret board. I like to learn 1-2 things for the day an then while watching a movie I then practise the 1 thing on the guitar . This is at the end of many hrs on guitar tricks . I do this so I can gain muscle memory.


I would like to creat my own unique music . personally I get bored with open chords. I’m still working on muscle memory for bar chords. I always feel my voice sounds nicer  when the voicing is coming from middle fret board register . 

I did notice the level 3 chord theory and you cover registers more an embellishments . Which I think would be smart for me to go there after I learn a couple of patterns from major triads .


I absolute love your videos and your enthusiasm when you teach btw 🙂. It’s real valuable lessons !! I’m truly grateful