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02/11/2024 3:50 pm
#1 Originally Posted by: MoonlightJB

I've been studying jazz and what I've always been working on is understanding further knowledge on voicings and inversions. I've learned the major and minor triads, and root, 1st, and 2nd inversions. However, I know there is more on that, especially for jazz extended harmonies like I saw in the chord melody jazz tutorials (CMaj7 and ?? 1st inversion CMaj7 ??), and even learned slightly all through the internet and youtube on shell voicings. There are also what I found out called SPREAD voicings.

Any tips on how to understand better on extended harmony inversions, shell voicings, spread voicings, and any other I don't know of? 

Can this website probably upload new videos about this topic in the future? 

(Or maybe I've missed something and didn't delve deep enough here in the site, since I am a fast pacer lol)


The best way to understand them is to know what they are in the first place (how they are formed on the fretboard), then put them into practice playing typical jazz chord progressions and tunes (or at least the chord progressions to the tunes).  

I don't know how many or which of my jazz tutorials you've already worked through.  So, I'm going to mention some as examples.  If you've seen them, then find ways to apply them.  If you haven't yet, then work through them & start to apply them.

For example, you'd start with this one on the basic 7th chords in various voicings.

You can start to apply it with the simple backing track examples in the tutorial.  Then you'll be ready for this one on comping chords.  It's more about seeing the overall possible shapes & using shell voicings based on them in various ways.

When you get deeper into the process you can learn specific things like these variations on jazz turnarounds.

After that you can try these jazz-blues tutorials that pare those voicing down even further while also adding melody lines to see how it all fits together.

And eventually you start to apply those ideas to playing tunes!  

Where are you in your jazz learning?  Can play all the basic 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th chords?  Do you know how to play the inversions?  What tunes do you know or are you working on?  

I intend to produce more jazz style tutorials this year.  Just this weekend my 2 guitar arrangement of this standard was published.

This page has all the best GT jazz tutorials organized by topic.

Hope that helps.  Please ask if you have more specific questions.  Best of success!

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