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02/02/2024 12:33 am
#2 Originally Posted by: Mike Olekshy

Hi there!  Sure:

The riff is: one strum B5 then one strum D5. Next is another strum on D5 then 2 strums on E5.
Then it goes one strum G5 to one strum F#5 (faster strums) played a total of 3 times.
Now back to D5 for 2 strums and then E5 for 2 strums.

B5 is: 2nd fret of A string, 4th fret of D string.
D5 is: 5th fret of A string, 7th fret of D string.
E5 is: 7th fret of A string, 9th fret of D string.
G5 is: 10th fret of A string, 12th fret of D string.
F#5 is: 9th fret of A string, 11th fret of D string.

You could also do a google search : "iron man tab" and find the tab for it.

Hope this helps! Let me know how it goes!

This one is fun Mike....

Thanks for your quick reply

Also, spreading my pinky with that Chuck Berry extension off the A5 you quickly showed 

in the Guitar Boot Camp last night....

Thanks Again,   Davo