Difference between latch-type footswitch and momentary type footswitch

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I want a standard little footswitch to swith between channels on my amp but i cant find one, and now i have found these two and became some what confused :confused:

The closest thing i found is the Boss FS-5U and the Boss FS-5L, it says that "BOSS offers two types of footswitches to choose from depending on your application. The FS-5U is a momentary type footswitch and the FS-5L is a latch-type footswitch."

Is either of them what i need to switch channels? If not can somebody tell me which sort i need please.

Thanks Jowin
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my old marshal used a latching FS to switch channels
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A latching switch stays on until you press it again, and a momentary only stays on as long as you have your foot on it.
So if you were trying to swich between clean and dirty channels, you need a latching type of switch.
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