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03/10/2023 9:47 am


I am opening another forum just to write this post because there's no spellchecker here... So I have to write it somewhere else and then copy paste it here...

No amount of words will really explain what has happened for me personally when I have learnt about this sad fact...

I'll try to explain it as briefly as I can though.

I have been learning with GT for +-5 or 6 years now. Not until only recently I have finally started playing what I really love and the sole reason I have decided to pick up the guitar.

All those years I was learning through your programme Fundamentals 1 & 2 and then Rock 1 & 2. I have learnt a lot but not really much in terms of what I really wanted to play. But it was okay. I was building up basic skills so I could tackle what I am really after later on.

I was thinking about doing Blues then Country styles just to get all the things necessary and perhaps stuff I might needed later on.

I have decided to abandon this idea as I was just forcing myself to play and learn stuff that really was not that interesting for me... I was postponing it for years, explaining and convincing myself I need it before I start learning what I really want to...

I DO NO regret what I have learnt from all those years but... I am so glad that I have decided to go straight to learning songs when I did (two/three or maybe four months ago I think... Not really that long ago)

I have been struggling with motivation as the things I was playing were okay, sometimes pretty cool but almost never what I was really after in the first place... So all the struggle, pain, hard work and nothing else really was a chore to be getting through almost every day...

When I have learnt (and even from the first lesson... the excitement, curiosity, etc. building up and everything) my first REAL DEAL (famous song that I have seen countless times on TV when in my teens) song I think I cried a little... I mean... I do not think... I am sure I did. It has happened again yesterday when I have finally played another one...

I would have never thought in my life that I could play some of my favourite songs of all time. It still feels unreal and magical for me. Of course they're all awkward and rusty but still... It's a pleasure to practise them and making them better and better.

Even the learning process of new songs is fun because they are simply amazing and kick arse/

Finally all this hard work, years of it... I've finally seen the fruit of it...

Of course I have started with the easiest one first. Even they... They're still very challenging technically, rhythmically etc. But it's a joy... painful/annoying/irritating/etc. at times but still... a joy. I am learning things I would have never even thought would be possible for me.

All that with GT and nothing else. My home and the place where I spent a few hours a day, daily.


I have not tried to peek what next amazing songs I might be learning very soon. I tried very hard not to look what else of amazing musical treasure awaits for me in the upcoming months, years to come. I was just learning them one by one in the GT order by the difficulty.​


My motivation and will to practise getting to all new levels... A few years back, I have decided to stop playing video games. My biggest part of my life. There are no words that could describe what video games and gaming in general was (and somehow still is) for me personally. It was basically my life...


I have decided to stop doing it because I knew I would not be able to practise enough with them in my life as well... I have scarified something that has always been there for me to cheer me up, bring joy, entertainment and in a great deal a reason to be waking up day after a day. 


I have sacrificed it all because along with the games in my life... There was always music as well... As one point I wanted to be something more than just a listener... I didn't want to just be next to it and listen to it... I wanted to be a part of it to be in it.


If I had to choose between music and games... Oh... 


...but I did... didn't I...?


It was not easy... it still isn't... I could write a book about it... 


What I am trying to say is... Playing the guitar has finally started giving me joy... A lot of it... The idea that there are so many amazing songs (I still had not known at that time of how many as I wanted to keep it as a sweet surprise to come as I learn a new song and the next one after another and next after that and next - I wanted to keep myself in the dark and to be super excited when I see something super incredible for me personally on the horizon of the GT library) has given me so much fuel to play more that finally... That sacrifice I have made with giving up the games... started to look like an investment in something that would seem to be out of my reach in this lifetime. Things impossible started being something I could feel and touch, interact with and the whole new world is there to explore...


Of course... This journey is still there... but GT has been my home for so many years now... It all started here... Of course I can continue the journey somewhere else and maybe this is how it will have to be (no matter if songs will come back or not)... Maybe this is the way it should be for me so I can grow, take another direction or just evolve... or maybe I am just meant to be back to gaming... richer with this experience I have gathered over the years playing the guitar... Who knows...


Any way... "Have you gone through all of the style courses yet?" - no thank you.


But... I have not been picking only things that I know from the GT library. Quite the contrary...


I have just selected METAL and started with the FILTER BY DIFFICULTY: BEGINNER then EASY
And I am learning songs one by one either I know them or not. 


Thanks to GT I've learnt about some absolutely amazing songs that I have never even heard before...


"Screaming In The Night", as made famous by Krokus is one of them. I have actually bought a guitar with vibrato/wiggle stick to play it fully... 


what is more... Mike's performance is even better than the original song in my opinion... The guitar is just absolutely out of this planet/


Yes... this is the song that made me cry yesterday... and yes... this is the song that is going away in two weeks...


Then... I checked the list... and my hurt just sunk in...

I Stand AloneGodsmack                        
Running BlindGodsmack                        
Keep AwayGodsmack                        

In The EndLinkin Park
NumbLinkin Park
What I've DoneLinkin Park
One Step CloserLinkin Park

Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart

Stone Temple Pilots


Stone Temple Pilots


Stone Temple Pilots

Interstate Love Song

Stone Temple Pilots

Big Bang Baby

Stone Temple Pilots

Lady Picture Show

Stone Temple Pilots


Stone Temple Pilots

Wicked Garden

Stone Temple Pilots

Take A Load Off

Stone Temple Pilots


Stone Temple Pilots

Tumble In The Rough

Stone Temple Pilots

Between The Lines

Stone Temple Pilots

Big Empty

Stone Temple Pilots



just to name a few...

Thanks to the fact that thanks to GT I have learnt about some new amazing songs and bands... I am sure there are still many left in its library that will make me cry a little not once but many times to come in the future ;) I can't wait to discover some more new gems that will surprise me once again.


Hopefully this explains just a little of how much of a blow it was for me (as much or even more for others) when you see the songs you love, put your heart into and the ones you wanted to learn so much are going away...

But hey... so do people and all other things we love, right?


I just hope GT will stay strong, bring us some amazing stuff back, some more new and it will be all cool/

but yea... it definitely got me winded...

I am not learning anything new until April 1 I do not want to look nor see what I might like and it will have to go away...


I will spend this time on honing the songs I have learnt and are going away soon... I want to make them as best as I can playing with GT jamtracks because when they're gone... Songster and youtube will be the only things I will be able to play them with.

Have a great weekend everyone reading/

(sorry for weird formating, etc. I don't have much of a control in this forum)