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#1 Originally Posted by: andrea.paesetti

Ciao everyone and thank you in advance for any feedback.

I'm trying to learn a bit my brand new LP (it's a Tribute model).

I was finding super difficult to bend, super hard on the fingers and extra painful on the fingertips (like no calluses were there...same feeling as the first time with the fingers on the strings)

I was coming from a Squire Strat with 9s and the LP comes with 10s. Ok the string gauge difference, but I felt the difference was too much. Then I've investigated a bit on the stopbar height and I've realized that it was so low that the strings were touching the back of the bridge.

I've decided to raise it a bit, at least until the strings were not touching the back of the bridge anymore, reducing also the strings angle. 


Now i feel much easier and les painfull to bend. But here my question: is it now the stopbar too high or is it fine? (see image at the link

Sounds like you have the right strings.  I haven't played a Les Paul in years but I think I remember them being 0.010- 0.046 or pretty close. 

You may need a top to bottom setup by a competent repair guy.  He can check if the truss rod needs adjustment, check the nut, ensure the bridge is matched to the fretboard radius, and another half dozen or so check offs that will transform your axe into a source of delight.  It's well worth the cost - especially for a fine guitar like yours.