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09/09/2003 1:23 am
Originally posted by PonyOne
No. I think everyone has a right to live anywhere (I am American, after all). If an Arab, African, Jewish, Latin, Asian, Aboriginal, Indian, Native American or whatever family wants to move in next to me that's cool. Doesn't really bother me, even if they have totally different political viewpoints, even political viewpoints that I find abhorrent.

That wasn't my question ... What I meant was , how would you react if some people decided to takeover your place , and they tried to remove you from there via massacres (Deer Yassin) and spreading terror among your people , so that they all leave.

I agree with you that everyone has a right to live anywhere ... But if that's how you think , why can't Palestinian refugees live where they came from?

The more I read your posts the more it becomes evident that

a) you may not have gotten your news from the media, but you have gotten it word-of-mouth from people who got it from the media somewhere down the line

b) you know little about middle eastern history

c) you know next to nothing about Jews

a) and you get the news from God cuz you're the chosen people, right ? ;) LOL

b) I know little about middle eastern history ??
No, it's you who knows wrong , cuz you don't live there , and you nevr get the chance to know the real thing ... Same about Islam .

c) Can't argue about that with you , but I think I know what I need to know .
Also , you said stuff about 5000 years ago and so , what makes you so sure that these are true ?!

For isntance, you said something to the effect of "why can't they just go back to their homes?" This is such a blatantly uninformed question... here. Let's look at the levels of reason as to not wanting to "return home."

After the holocaust (which really was set in motion in the mid 30's, but didn't reach full swing until 1940-45), you had more than half of the Jewish populace ERADICATED. Instances of people who had previously been friendly neighbors with Jewish families instead turned in their neighbors to Nazis; in some towns in dominated nations, Jews would be rounded up and executed for German commanders to prove loyalty to the Nazi regime, to spare themselves.

Usually after the Jews in an area were rounded up and killed or sent to a concentration camp, there was a house with belongings in it left behind. Since the place no longer had a legal owner, the townspeople would often just go and loot the place, and someone else would move in. So, consequently, people who managed to survive their entire families being murdered would go back to THEIR HOMES, only to have a stranger open up the door and threaten to kill them if they left. Nevermind the fact that many Jews couldn't face returning to a village where former friends sold them out and their wives/husbands/children/parents/cousins were thrown into incinerators and burnt alive after being months of forced labor in the cold with no clothing and no rations, and the times that those same townspeople ran them back out of town.

The war may have ended but the attitude that got the war going was still alive, and even though the collective guns of the US, UK and USSR were pointed at Central Europe's collective head, it couldn't phase deep-seeded hatreds.

So where do you go? In the case of my girlfriend's family, they were Palestinian. They moved to Poland in the 1880's, and sent a couple kids to the US. The remainder stayed in Poland until WW2. 3/4 of her family died in camps; the other quarter returned to Israel. Considering they were one generation away, it's not like it was horrible.

I think I mentioned what you've just said before ... Because Jews were brutally treated in europe , they took their revenge from Palestinians , with a pretty much of a religious myth in their minds .
The question here is , what did the Palestinians do bad to the Jews ... Before the Jews occupied their country ?
Why do the Palestinians have to pay for the crimes commited by europeans against the Jews ?

If someone who's realy big , kicks the crap outa you , this wouldn't be an excuse for you to kick crap outa anybody who's smaller than you.
What kinda sick ideology is that !

You note the fact that there are 5 million Palestinians... there sure are... that's about as many people as live in Seattle. It's really not that many. Besides, back in the 40's, there were fewer... it's not like they've been in stasis for 65 years. You also fail to note the fact that more than half of the Israeli Jews are at least 75% Arab. Why? Because after we got out of Auschwitz, there were about as many Ashkenazi (European) Jews as there were Sephardic (Arab) Jews.

5 million palestinians are may be a few number , but you fail to understand that they are ALL ... I don't see your point of stressing out that , cuz they are few , you disrespect their right to live where they came from ,so you can kick them out of their place, and tell them to go live by their neighbours ?

Same sick way of thinking !

Or if you mean democracy & serving the interests of the majority , I think you mentioned something below that shows in which direction Justice should flow.

The Jews have been there in some capacity for the better part of 5,000 years, and we never left. A good number of us, after being slaughtered by the Romans, moved up north, but more stayed than moved. As we moved up north and intermarried, a large group of Jews who were caucasian emerged... but yeah, the Holocaust, you know... kind of obliterated them....

What about people somewhere who were athiest or whatever and turned jewsish, do they also count ?

Even if they're one tribe or so , moved north cuz of the romans ... What did the Palestinians do wrong to them throughout these centuries ?

Also , how can you let people who claim that they've left that territory some thousands years ago go back , while at the same time not allowing Palestinian refugees who lived their decades ago to come back ... Religious based discrimination?