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08/28/2003 9:52 pm
Originally posted by PonyOne
Well, if the Arab world were currently in the same industrial/commercial/political situation as the west, do you think they'd be so pious they'd do things any different? Probably not...

The answer to this wether yes or no will be Hypothetical , that doesn't count.

I can understand now how did they come up with the "preemtive strikes" idea in the whitehouse. :rolleyes:

And in regards to intra-Arab Peninsula combat... what about the wars where one Arab nation attacked another? Oh, that's different, right?

Sure that's very different ... Should I mention the civil war in the U.S. , wars between France & England , England & U.S. , etc. ?
Also put in mind that the biggest & the most brutal 2 wars in history were a direct result from western civilizations clashing into each other !!

Should I mention centuries of western (europian) occupation to most of the world ? Do you know that every single nation in the middle east suffered from the brutality of western occupation?
I can give you examples for that more than you can count.

And fortunately most nations around Israel have learned their lesson and knocked it the hell off... I hope that Hizbollah takes some cues from Egypt and Saudi Arabia soon before they get themselves into a whole heap of trouble... look where fighting has gotten the Palestinans.

First off , palestinians are where they are now because of the establishment of Israel on a division of their lands , then Israel occupying the rest of it along with parts from egypt,syria,lebanon & jordan in '67 , turning most Palestinians into refugees till this very day !!!

In the '67 war , was Israel attacked first?
No , they basicaly launched this war to expand their country based on some couple of thousands years old religious doctrine that says their methological counrty's border should be from Egypt in the west to Iraq in the East .

Also Israel has shown hostility to Egypt and their intentions to expand in '56 , by taking part in the British/French lead war to take over the Suez Canal and Sinai peninsula for Israel (to get closer to the mythological border) !

Now I hope that Israel and the Jewish communities everywhere :
- learns that it's impossible to occupy all of these territories without having to kill everything in the area .
- give palestenians and syrians back their lands (according to the UN resolution that lead into the establishment of Israel) .
- try to achieve peace & satisfaction on that small piece of land the British Illeagally gave to them after the end of their occupation to arabian lands.
- Deep Religion , and trying to apply our mythologies and crap on each other will only leads into .... NOWHERE !