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03/01/2003 12:49 am
Originally posted by kingdavid
Originally posted by Raskolnikov
...even though the consequences for not meeting the UN obligations have ALWAYS been invasion and regime change?...[/B]

I must have missed the news.You tell me.Besides the Taliban,what other regime has the US toppled?When was this?What were the circumstances?
I really would like to know,coz I haven't heard of this before.I mean,you're using the words "...consequences...have always been invasion and regime change..."
I've never heard about that.

Start looking up UN resolutions regarding Iraq, the stipulations ending the Gulf War are pretty clear. And what does the Taliban have to do with Iraq's weapons programs? To me that's a seperate issue.
About what America cares(or doesn't care about):
I think you've largely missed my point.It wasn't Saddam who bombed you.

I never said it was. This whole issue is (to me anyway) about following through with the terms ending the Gulf War. If the world community stands together and says "disarm or we remove you from power" to a dictator, they better follow through with it. But in the 12 years since the world community did just that, opinions have softened. 1). Allowing a deplorable human being with no business running a country to continue running a country and not only that, but continue plans to EXPAND his country via armed invaision and 2). Sending a message to other dictators in the world that the world community is and the UN has no spine and will not enforce it's resolutions.
My raising the question of what America cares about rose from my observation from your arguments that Saddam's a bad regime that should be removed,on the one hand,while on the other hand showing open support(not your arguments,Bush)for a similar ruler.

...A similar ruler who (to the best of my knowledge - I won't pretend to be an expert on Kenya) has never invaded another nation. Saddam has long established agressive plans to expand Iraq.
And just because I've never visited America does not necessarily mean I can't develop some understanding of America.Actions often speak louder than words.If America cared about people oppressed by bad regimes,then Bush wouldn't call our former president a good and strong leader of Kenya.If I was Bush,we wouldn't even have diplomatic relations.
That was my point.

You know, you're absolutely right. I should judge every nation in the world by it's most senior politicians.[/sarcasm]
If actions speak louder than words to you, how come you're ignoring that no other nation in the world gives more human, financial, and logistical support to charities that benefit nations such as Kenya than America? What nation is footing most of the bill to fight AIDS, even though it's own AIDS 'epidemic' is relatively small? Does that count for nothing to you?
My point is that you know just as much about the real America as I know about the real Kenya... which ain't much. You can only know such things by being there.
About parole,you're never sent back to jail on suspicion of having broken your parole conditions.You're sent back to jail on the strength of hard and conclusive evidence.If you ask me,frrom Blix's report,you can't use the words hard and conclusive evidence.

Iraq's statement after Colin Powel's presentation to the UN security council a few weeks ago was clear; they said they have NO prescribed weapons.
Hans Blix' has recently been very clear that the Al Samoud 2 missle violates the range restrictions placed on Iraq and therefore is a prescribed weapon (just like Colin Powel said).
Bagdahd's reaction to Blix' order to destroy the missles: It was "unjust" and "abusive," and that they will destroy them, but they don't know how to, so they're asking for a UN technical team to advise them.
Give me two rednecks, four kegs of beer ands some gasoline, an open patch of desert and I'll destroy those missles. It's not complicated.
Saddam Hussein is buying time.

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