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So, I am working my way through Rock Fundamentals 2 and I can not figure it out how to do a "pinch harmonic." I've even tried watching a few You Tube videos and I just can't get the sound everyone else seems to get. Is there some special trick I am missing here? Any good videos or ideas out there? How important is this if I just can't seem to master this?

Thanks for your help! This is just very frustrating, especially when I feel like I've been on a real roll lately with my guitar playing. 

It helps to have a least a little gain on your amp.  Also, use the bridge pickup.  Next, the technique is essentially creating temporary harmonic node with your picking hand thumb.  Choke up on the pick so that you can lightly graze the string right after you pick it.

Have a look at this lesson.

Hope this helps!


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