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#1 Originally Posted by: jluther0516

So, I am working my way through Rock Fundamentals 2 and I can not figure it out how to do a "pinch harmonic." I've even tried watching a few You Tube videos and I just can't get the sound everyone else seems to get. Is there some special trick I am missing here? Any good videos or ideas out there? How important is this if I just can't seem to master this?

Thanks for your help! This is just very frustrating, especially when I feel like I've been on a real roll lately with my guitar playing. 

Same here. Is there a lesson specifically addressing pinch harmonics? I feel like there is something everyone assumes we know about the technique that isn't obvious. Is it about amp settings that no one mentions because I can get a harmonic response like you do on an open string at the 12th fret but it doesn't have that squeal.