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Originally Posted by: Semi fingers

Hi guys, Any suggestions to put more time into music, Id like to put more time into it.

How on earth can we answer this without knowing anything about you or your lifestyle? Are you retired? Work 8 hours a day? Work 12 hour shifts? Have family? Etc. Etc.

John of MT and William MG both gave the best answers possible given what we know.

It is going to take a lot of self discipline and planning. What do you use for your day planner? Budget a minimum amount of time that you can practice each day. And, as William said, lock it in. Then set up the best place you can where you won't be distracted.

I suggest taking it one step furhter and decide, before you start, what you are going to work on. It is really easy to sit down with the guitar and "noodle". Just as an example, lets say you have 60 minutes dedicated today. Break it up into portions that will improve your playing, not just be fun. It has to be fun; but you need to work on chops.[br]So maybe:[br]5 minutes warm up exercise

20 minutes pentatonic scales[br]20 minutes Guitar Tricks Beginning Guitar Session n[br]15 minutes a song you are learning

This is obviously just an example

I have a spreadsheet that I use. Yeah, I'm that nerdy. I put in how much time I'm going to practice and then it forces me to fill out blocks. but get a system that works for you.

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