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I have a question about something from the early part of Anders' Part 1 tutorial.

In "Three High" Anders appears to just uses one string for G Major and again one for E Minor. However the Guitartricks Essential Chords for Beginners sheet shows that these chords use more strings.

Is Anders easing us in or have another reason for this. He does this again regarding strumming D Major when he makes a big point of avoiding the Low E string but the A string isn't included on the chord chart either (maybe he is expecting that in time we'll learn D Major and strum only the 4 strings but for now avoiding just the Low E string will get us more in the ballpark of a pure D Major) ?


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Hey & welcome!

Originally Posted by: jayteepix

Is Anders easing us in or have another reason for this.

Good obersavtion! You have it right, he is making the chords a easy as possible for absolute beginners to start playing. Then he gradually adds precision & more layers of complexity as the courses progress.

Hope that helps!

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