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Originally Posted by: ben.r.s

I was working on my speed with a few exercises, I'll add that one to my practice routine and also try to dig less deeply on the strings. Think of grazing them as you described.


Good deal!


If I lower that middle pickup, will it make the output level lower than the other pickups? I like to be able to change the guitar settings and keep some volume consistency.

A little bit, but not enough to make a big difference because the other pickups are also lowered & I'm relying on volume from the amp, not the pickups. Also what are you using the middle pickup for versus the other pickups?

Any pickup set too close is going to make an overcompressed sound that doesn't allow the notes to sing out & ring naturally. It's almost like getting right up on a microphone & yelling compared to keeping the mic back a couple of inches & giving it some space to capture the full range of your voice. Make sense?

I encourage you to experiment with it! It's one of the easiet tone adjustments you can do & redo.

Hope that helps!

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