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Originally Posted by: ben.r.sRecently I've been spending some time on my S-S-S strat. I'm finding that my pick is sometimes hitting the middle pickup, which obviously doesn't exist on my PRS.

This is a common problem. I play S-S-S Strats 95% of the time. And I pick right over or near the middle pickup most of the time. It's the best place to pick! Sounds great & you can rest your palm on the bridge perfectly.

2 things will help here.

1. As you already figured out, don't pick as deeply. You just want the tip of the pick to graze across the top of the string.

This tutorial is about building speed. Even if you aren't interested in the topic you might enjoy my discussion of picking technique in the 2nd lesson.

2. Lower the middle pickup.

Most guitars (especially Strats!) have the pickups set too high anyway. In many cases it actually improves the sound if you lower the pickups a bit. And the bass side should be even a bit lower! This screen grab is from the above linked lesson. You can see that the middle pickup is set quite a bit lower than the neck pickup. And I'm picking right over the middle pickup.

Hope that helps!

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