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Hi. I've come across an issue.

I've dome most of my playing on a PRS guitar, with H-H pickups.

Recently I've been spending some time on my S-S-S strat. I'm finding that my pick is sometimes hitting the middle pickup, which obviously doesn't exist on my PRS.

The guitar is one of the better strats available, and is set up properly. So I'm going to say that I'm the problem.

Am I picking too deep? Or is this just a thing that happens, and I need to just live with it and move either towards the neck or bridge?

I use the pick grip where the side of my index finger points straight down the pick, and thumb points across the pick.

My preferred pick is a Dunlop Flow 1.5, but I've experimented with some others and get the same issue.

I just measured the pick in my hand, and about 5mm of pick protrudes further than my fingertip. I tried pulling it back in a bit, but it just causes a load of pinch harmonics when I play fast.