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Hey guys I'm new to the forum. I started playing a little over 4 years ago by accident, my kids wanted to play but there was nobody close to give lessons so I decided I would learn with them on YouTube and we could help each other, anyway I really got addicted to it and was playing hours every day. I started going to open mics and play with a bunch of seasoned musicians and played a few gigs with them as well, that's what brought me here. I feel like I hit a wall, I can strum through songs fine and play little licks thru most songs but when it comes to soloing or inprovising I'm just terrible. So I thought I'd give guitar tricks a try and try to get better. Any tips on where to start would be appreciated. Thanks

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Depending on what genre you're looking to play, try:

Country 1 & 2

Rock 1 & 2 or

Blues 1 & 2

There'll probably be lots of stuff you're familiar with, but should be able to find some things to help you along with soloing, improvising and/or more elaborate riffs etc....

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