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Why not right. We have "smart phones, smart watches, smart TV's, Refrigerators and home thermostats." There's even Smart Amps like the Positive Grid Spark.

Now out comes the LAVA ME 3. The worlds first "Smart Guitar". I'm not gonna get too much into describing this thing as I'll let the links I provide cover it, but in a nutshell it's a Carbon Fiber with a touch screen built in to the body of the guitar. Actually the carbon fiber claim is debatable as someone pointed out in one of the reviews, but for now we'll go with it. It has built in apps like tuner, metronome, looper (yes a looper) and all kinds of effects. There are tools for learners like scale charts and chord charts and a recorder so you can record on the fly and save it to the cloud. All this is built into the guitar. If your a travelling songwriter you would have no need to carry around a lot of equipment.

Here is a full review of it's features from Guitar World's Paul Riario which I would encourage you to view it entirely before forming an opinion.

Guitar Worlds Review

They run about $1000 bucks and thats a lot of money for something many people including myself might pass off as "Gimmicky", but we all know Technology never sleeps and you can't stop progress. We all probably thought the same thing when we saw the first smart phone I'm sure.

Would love to know others thoughts and if anyone out there owns one or is planning on buying one. Please chime away.

Personally, I don't know if I'm smart enough to play a smart guitar. I'm still struggling with the dumb ones, however I will say there probably is a market for this and it might be a game changer. I can see some of it's features being incorporated in other instruments by other manufacturers.