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No, Chris - I'm the one who should apologize. The last thing I wanted was to put you in a position where you felt that you needed to apologize. Posting my half-baked "method" of learning the fretboard was clearly a mistake. It's at best merely a gimmick for quickly [u]identifying[/u] notes on the fretboard (e.g. what note is on this string & fret) rather than [u]finding[/u] notes (e.g. find all the E flats on the fretboard). The latter requires learning/memorization. The former involves little learning or memorization, and would likely prove itselft to be an inefficient and largely ineffective means of further memorizing all the notes on the fretboard.

Using this gimmick to get markedly better times on the GT Fretboard Trainer proves only that I found a working backdoor for this challenge. In other words, it constitutes a means of cheating the test, nothing more.

So, once again, my bad. I seem to be saying that a lot these days : (


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