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Originally Posted by: aliasmaximus

I still hold fast to my assertion that no GF course on GT comes close to elucidating a method for tackling the entire fretboard in a manner that allows for quick identification of individual notes by a beginner.[/quote][p]Hopefully you've found a method that works for you! And once you've done the work & memorized the pattern & locations you've got knowledge you can use for as long as you play guitar.

[quote=aliasmaximus] You can't make such a statement and at the same time claim that you did in fact provide a practical framework for memorizing the fretboard in your GF courses.

I apologize if I misunderstood your original post. I thought you were looking for a lesson to help beginners learn & understand the musical alphabet notes on the fretboard. So, that's why I posted the link to my lesson starting the chapter on covering that topic in a musical manner.

Hope that helps!

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