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Thanks, Tinpan! All those bits and bobs of knowledge in a fun singsongy Liverpool accent.

Circle of fourths applied sequentially ([u]except[/u] where it's nonsequential) to a rectangular fretboard, wherein you simply apply the letters straight across the neck, [u]except[/u] where it sometimes bends and goes up the neck.... well, actually, kind of at an angle - up and across, [u]except[/u] when you get to the high E string where it instead goes around and down the neck following the mnemonic precisely, [u]except[/u] for the places where Charles' Father doesn't fall Down because the Battle never got underway in the first place and....

Sorry, dude - I don't have enough gray matter left for that system ; )

But, I think you're absolutely correct. In order to memorize the fretboard, every guitarist eventually has to find something that clicks for them. And that particular video is likely to click for some.


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