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Yes Chris, it did help me! Both times that I have previously completed that entire course; a course which finally tied together all the disparate pieces of musical theory that I had floating around my head like a can of alphabet soup bouncing down a dirt road. I so appreciate and admire your GF1 & 2 courses that I even posted to (and emailed) Admin to suggest that your course be reintroduced into the core curruculum, at least as a supplement. I believe that doing so would probably be the single most useful thing Admin could do to give beginners a leg up.

But for all the praise I can lavish upon what amounts to a very small piece of your entire lesson catalog, I still hold fast to my assertion that no GF course on GT comes close to elucidating a method for tackling the entire fretboard in a manner that allows for quick identification of individual notes by a beginner. And that's probably because instructors collectively underestimate a lot of beginners by assuming that (as you yourself stated) the process of learning the entire fretboard is unquestionably "beyond the scope of a beginner". You can't make such a statement and at the same time claim that you did in fact provide a practical framework for memorizing the fretboard in your GF courses. That would be illogical, and you're anything but illogical.

As much as I like to joke about you being one of GT's Marvel-like music-oriented superheros, you do realize that nobody here honestly expects perfection from you... other than you yourself it seems. You can't do [u]everything[/u] for [u]everybody[/u] [u]all the time[/u]. And that's all right by me :)


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