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I'm new here and to Guitar. where do I start ( from the begining) where are the abc's ??

Thank you


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Welcome Dispatch!

If you're a beginner or can find value with some review, and really want to get serious in learning the basics of guitar playing right the first time, you'd likely want to start with the Core Learning System.

That map of progression of courses is here:

You would start with Fundamentals level 1, and then move on to level 2.

Again, even if this just review it is super helpful! When the lessons get a bit more difficult, then you would know to take more time and focus on the skills taught. You can repeat any lesson as needed. You can loop sections of the video to fully master the concept taught.

And then when you "graduate" from the Fundamentals, then you can progress to the genre side of the core learning system which has a focus on Rock, Country, Blues, and Acoustic.[br][br]

Hope this helps get you started!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Hey Dispatch, be advised that there are two Guitar Fundamentals Level 1 courses, each taught by a different instructor - Lisa McCormick and Anders Mauridsen. Just follow the link given to you by Admin and then click "Fundamentals Level 1" (where it says "Start Here"). After that you get a choice which course to take, Ander's or Lisa's. You might want to give each a try and see which teaching style is better for you.


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