Hi everybody!!!! cheers from Chile

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Hi!!! my name is Pier Karlezi, absolute begginer, first of all please excuse me for my rusty english, i really haven't practise at all since a got out of highschool here in Chile, specially writting... so please don't think i'm too lazy, and forget my mispellig.

i've started on the 27th of february... and i finally made

it trough the first to courses, now i have too choose wich path is better for me... i want to do every one of them so i'm gonna just start in order.... yes i know that can be lazy...hahaha

this thing is amazin, i have never ever palyed guitar before, i've always though that would be imposible for me to learn how to play any instrument... Thanks!!! really.... i just sang a song to my wife for the first time and she even cried a little (thanks Andrea for that amazing song that you wrote called "wrote you a song")...

Well thats all folks, from Chile!!!! i'll be wondering around the forums picking your brains, so bare with me.

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Hi pkarlezi,

Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone here. We are so glad to hear that you suceeding with our program. You prove that anyone can learn guitar! It is incredibly sweet to hear about your song to your wife. We hope you find a great community on the forum to keep you motivated!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Hola bienvenidos de California. Comencé tocando hace cinco años y va bien. A veces me frustro pero sigo tocando. Soy maestra de español y mi primer show con mi guitarra era tocando Cielito Lindo para mis estudiantes en una asamblea.

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Welcome from Australia Pier.

I have been trying to play for a couple of years, and have started again usin Guitar Tricks. I think this is amazing, and i have grown in confidence.

My advice from a beginer to beginer, is not to steer away from anything. I haven't been able to play bare chords, or some minor chords, and so i am limited to easy songs with basic chords. Don't limit yourself, and hit it head on.

Good luck in the journey, look forward to hearing about your progress.

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Welcome Pier!

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