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Originally Posted by: dnkygirl23

The torex pick in the pack sounds better to me than the nylon however. I will work with this one for awhile to get use to how ridge it is when strumming.


Presuming "torex" was an unintentional typo/misspelling of Tortex? [br][br]Matonanjin2 made the point that one's preferred pick is a very individual thing. I'm only 4 years in myself, and as I've developed the exerience of that journey has revealed to me that versatility or otherwise of any pick in particular depends upon a combination of instrument and genre, practice and experience which bring with them confidence and developed nuance with attack technique for wont of a more apt way of describing it. In the initial couple of years though, I did find that swapping picks for purpose more readily resulted in the attack and tone I wanted.[br][br]I'd endorse the recommendation try out everything at first until you find what you like and what works for you. Even then, never stop being curious. Funnily enough, I love my Dunlop Ultex Jazz IIIs -was an instant love affair from the moment I picked one up, which probably illustrates only that 'pick love' is a process of constantly evolving technique coinciding with discovery, at least for the initial decade insofar as I've discerned at this point in my journey.[br][br]On Tortex. Since I first tried them four years ago I've disliked full size Standard Dunlop Tortex in a typical mid gauge. i.e. .73 (Yellow), and still do illustrating only 'to each their own'. I haven't tried Tortex or Tortex FLEX in their smaller Jazz III iterations around 1.14 or 1.35 which I'd hazard a guess I might just like, as they're not an easily sourced off the shelf item in my neck of the woods inviting opportunity or impulse buy curiosity.[br][br]Bottom line. If you feel comfortable with Tortex and they work for you, go with them, experimenting along the way as you feel so inclined in case you discover something you prefer even more.