A shape Barre Chord, finger not bending

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I'm struggling now for a few weeks with the A shape barre chord on the 5th string. Somehow my ringfinger doesn't want to bend backwards in the required way for a 'double bar'. I really try to pressure in downward around the knucle, but it seams unbending.The alternative, using three fingers instead, doesnt really appeal to me. I found that one difficult to change with and further up the neck too cramped within one spot.

Any tips/ exercises for getting this ringfinger to bend more easily? So far I tried pressuring it to bend backwards with my other hand, but that mostly only hurts.. I can't even seem to hold down two strings with the ringfinger at this point, let alone three...

Thanks in advance

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Hello Mr. Yo.

It's Nice to know that multiple people experience similar issue. Have the same issue here. My finger bends somewhat... but not enough to leave the high E unmuted. Anyway I practice, and putting special attentin to it. And I see it begins to work little by little.

Hope it provides some support :).

Good luck with it. If you find a good technique please share here.


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I have a bit of bend but not enough to allow the high E to ring out clearly. I've kind of always assumed for Rock music it doesn't really matter and I think it's just a doubled chord tone anyway (the 5th?) which is also played by the ring finger barre on the D string. So I think the most important thing might be to just make sure you are not allowing the ring finger barre to sound the high E string.[br][br]Maybe I'm just sloppy! So by all means, wouldn't want you to stop trying, but I wouldn't let it hold you back from using the shape.

[Edit: Oh just re-read your question again, and now I realize I'm not sure if you are saying your main problem is that you can't get the high E to ring clearly with the index finger barre, or if you're just saying you can't get any of the ring finger chord tones to ring out cleanly? I have seen some people use the pinky for that barre instead. Not sure if that's because they have more bend in the pinky. I don't.][br][br]Good luck[br]Martin

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