Hello from Leeds, UK

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Hello from Leeds!

Used to play many years ago - but things tailed-off when I went to medical and school and started a busy career.

Raced through Ander's core learning as it all came flooding back - he's a great teacher. I have tried other online guitar courses - I would say GT is the best by far.

Looking forward learning new things on here - hope everyone is doing OK.

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Welcome to another fellow Brit (I'm 77ish miles to the South)

I agree on GT being the best

I wish this forum had a "block user" feature. Possibly I'm not the only one......

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Thanks for all of the love mandrakeball and DraconusJLM!

We are thrilled to have both of you here!

Perhaps we are a little biased, but we agree that Ander's is an awesome teacher! We are very glad to hear that the program has been so successful for you.

Hope you both have an awesome weekend! Don't hesitate to reach out should you ever need any assistance.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us.
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Welcome Dude!

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