Comparing Lisa GT Funda with GF Funda (Anders)

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Hey All

I noticed between the old GT-F part 1 Lisa and GT-F part 1 (Anders) where there are concept where on old one (Lisa) are considered a little advanced 2 guitars difficutlty level and the same concept on new GT-F (Anders) is categorized as very beginner (one guitar level)

To give you a real example theC to A Minor to E Minor chrod swithces but also D to Em or D to Am switch are also considered more difficult on the Lisa course rather than the Anders's course. Those are the exact same chrods Lisa teaches a bit more complex song to follow but still based on the same chords, and on Lisa I was at this concept when 58% of GT F 1 was done with Anders I am at 24%... strange isn't?

Dave Mojo


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I don't think the difficulty guitar ratings matter much at the fundamental level. It really does when playing songs, from what I've seen.

I'm doing both Anders' course and Lisa's./sort of back and forth... I think they are both great instructors with different styles...but I think they both will give us a well rounded foundation. Anders might be more for the younger hipper...and Lisa might be for older students at the outset. Personally I think they are both great. Lisa does a good job with tabs and basic chords, even practice advice right in the beginning, and Anders hits the power chords and riff style in rock form a bit more. He tends to like to push more making simpler quicker progress first without as much theory, Lisa likes to mix in reading music/tabs ins a more classical approach right in the beginning.

I think everyone should take both courses, and that way will get a better overall understanding and more practice. Just my 2 cents.


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That's a good 2 cents worth, Ken. I'll second the recommendation that all beginners take both Lisa's and Anders' classes. They seem to compliment each other, both musically and stylistically. Although they cover essentially the same ground, they teach and emphasize various concepts and techniques differently.

As far as age goes, I'm almost 60 and a dedicated fan of his teaching style and musical content.


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I totally agree, both Lisa and Anders, are great instructors. I have learned so much from both. I switch around, but am mainly with Anders right now. Just completed my first instrumental with Anders and feel good.

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