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Mike Olekshy
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Hey Tinpan - thanks for the kind words!

We usually suggest to play rhythm through all the verses and switch to the solo just to keep things simple, but of course you can mix up these parts any way you'd like.

I would definitely suggest to incorporate those licks in between the vocals in the verses. The challenge is to smoothly change from the licks in between the vocals to the chords underneath the vocals. You'll have to adapt the rhythm part for something that makes sense while wearing the slide. Or even just slide to the chords and hold them under the vocals would be a great way to do that.

Hope this helps - let me know how it goes!


Originally Posted by: Tinpan

hey mike. [br]Love your song lessons thanks and learned a lot from dust my broom. Really love the way those open tunings can let you relax a bit and explore the fretboard. Just wondering if you have any tips for playing this gem for solo guitar. I know you say just play rhythm and then slide for solo but I'm trying to get more slide in during the verses like some versions out there. Question a bit vague sorry mate. I guess I'm just saying there's either to much space between slide parts if I stick to this version? Cheers.