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I'd like to share what happened on my fender squier, something that isn't in the Dan Erlewine manuals (correct me if I'm mistaken with that fact.)

After noticing a rattling sound I traced to a loose input jack, both the washer and bolt fell off. The spring stubbornly disappeared into the holes, refusing to come out. With a medium Phillips screwdriver and 1/2 inch (12ml) socket, I managed to reassemble the unit. There's a tool that looks like a shark tooth in a guitar maintenance kit, but it's too large to tighten the bolt because the way a strat has the input jack located.

But since this is my first encounter with the internal wiring, I was sweating buckets. I've now reassembled everything, but I keeled over in terror, afterwards.

I wasn't ready for internal wiring just yet, until fate gave me a gentle nudge. I researched online that a shaky input jack can cause the wires to twist and degrade, so I acted fast.

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