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Originally Posted by: DraconusJLM

I draw the line at refrets, but am more than happy to do anything else on a guitar. I think the key to learning is don't rush, and don't do anything you can't undo until you know what you're doing. Also be aware that a major screw-up can be really expensive to put right, or result in a guitar that's only fit for spare parts.

I'm currently trying to decide on what pickups to fit to replace the stock models on my Tele.

Very good advise. Patience is your friend. I bought a guitar for $15.00 on Craigslist. Took it apart sanded down the clear coat and put a new layer in of poly on it. Bought some low cost parts in a loaded pick guard, jack, bridge and locking tuners. In hindsight I should have also replaced the nut but it can wait. Put it back together and did what I think is an ok setup in terms of action and neck relief. It's more of a science project than an instrument and looks better than it sounds but it is intonated and holds tune fairly well. I don't profess to be a luthier and would not trust my skills on doing anything major on expensive gear but the knowledge gained is well worth the $80.00 investment. I am comfortable doing some basic adjustments without fear of creating a disaster. [br][br]