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In two weeks we will attending the concert of one of my all time favorite guitar heroes, Eric Clapton! We'll be going to his show in Nashville. So check mark next to one item on the bucket list!

Since it is a significant investment, especially timewise, we are going to make it at least a weeklong trip. It's a 12 hour drive to get to Nashville (from home in Omaha).

We're going to go through "horse country" in Kentucky on the way there.. We are going make a possible little "swing" south on the way home to spend a day in Memphis. We want to try and see Beale Street, Sun Studios, WDIA if it's still there.

But for the remaining days we are going to have in Nashville my wife and I would appreciate any suggestions for what you consider "must see" locations in Nashville. (Of course, I already have carved out time, to my wife's chagrin, Nashville guitar stores! Gruhn at the top of the list.)

Restaurants, clubs, recording studios, famous musical landmarks. Nothing is off limit. The only possible issue on anything is I am limited in the distance I can walk. But I'll sort that out. Suggest away!

Please suggest anything you think we might find interesting in Nashville. Thank you.

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