Vocals on Play Along Driving Me Nuts

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I am really loving the song lessons on Guitar Tricks. The instructors are great and I've learned some good songs. But the vocals on the Play Along tracks are driving me nuts!!! Once I perfected the song it might be good as a backing track to play to family and friends, but while learning I have to concentrate on what notes to play and the proper timing. The vocals drown out the guitar I'm trying to emulate and are totally distracting.

GT - Please please add an option to turn the vocals off. I'm guessing that the vocals were added after the fact so that you must have the raw recording of music only, or better yet they are on the same recording but separate tracks. [br][br]

It's so bad that I might need to search around for a different site. I'd hate to do that because the GT instructors have started to feel like friends. [br][br]

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