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Singer Modern Quilter 8500Q Computerized Portable Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Every sewer is stuck at one point where they have to move towards bigger projects to compete with other beginners. In the beginning, the priority of every sewer is to buy cheap sewing machines for beginners but it should have maximum benefits to provide. Singer 8500Q Modern Quilter Machine has the potential to handle major projects with ease and smoothness without worrying about any complications.

If you are a sewing enthusiast and quite passionate about your work then this sewing machine is the right match for you. This sewing machine is an absolute match for all the users who are just not interested in sewing but in quilting as well. Let us tell you about all the complete features of this sewing machine so you can understand this machine completely.


Singer 8500Q Modern Quilter Sewing Machine weighs only 37.6 pounds and it’s easy to carry around everywhere. This sewing machine is heavy-duty which means it can handle almost any kind of fabric without any pushing and pulling. The best thing about this sewing machine is that the model is lightweight but still it is strong enough to hold the ground.

While working on heavier projects, you don’t have to worry about moving the sewing machine from one place to another. You can work on this model in peace and you will love working on this sewing machine.

SwiftSmart Threading System:

SwiftSmart threading system in this sewing machine is based on modern-day technology so users can work in peace and can save their precious time. This automatic needle threading system has made things way too easier for beginners who have never used a sewing machine in their entire life. This feature will help sewers in threading the whole sewing machine in a few minutes without straining their eyes.

If you choose this sewing machine, you won’t have to find the path to thread the whole sewing machine, instead, this sewing machine can follow you from the spool to the needle. Simply pushing the lever and sewing machine will do the rest of the work.

LCD Screen:

The LCD screen in this sewing machine is small in size but it can help the user in keeping track of the settings you are working on currently. In some computerized sewing machines, there is a large LCD screen with multiple options but this screen is suitable for beginners and easy to use. This screen will help you in showing the width and length of stitches and also tell you what stitch you have selected currently.

If you want to read more Singer Sewing Machine Reviews then you can visit CraftsSelection and get more information about sewing machines. This LCD screen is perfect for every sewer who is working on the beginning tasks and trying to understand sewing machine features.

Programmable Needle:

In a conventional sewing machine, if you have used any then you must have imagined a position in your mind where you have to stop the sewing machine and the needle should be in position. Singer 8500Q Modern Quilter and the portable sewing machine have a programmable needle that is completely programmed to stop in a certain position when ceasing the machine.

It can be stopped either in this highest position or it can also stop in the lower position. It can save you from the frustration of stopping the sewing machine at the exact moment and there will be no loss of time or extra useless stitches.

Extendable Sewing Space:

During quilting, sewers usually go through the problem of space. Quilting needs space and when your sewing machine is not spacious enough then you will feel confused and frustrated. Singer 8500Q modern quilter and sewing machine has come up with extendable sewing space which is larger than a usual sewing machine. This space gets combined with the extension table.

You will get 25 inches of space total in this sewing machine which is extremely amazing and suitable for all beginners as well as for intermediate sewers. This large enough space for quilting and sewing is suitable for smooth work.

Range of Stitches:

Singer modern quilter 8500 Sewing Machine is taking a lead when it comes to providing a wide range of stitches to a user. This sewing machine has almost 200 stitches including essential, stretch, decorative, quilting, buttonhole stitches, craft stitches, and many more. For any kind of unique project, this sewing machine has stitch available for you and you can expand the boundary of creativity anytime you want.

This sewing machine has a huge variety of stitches that can help you in preparing stitching combinations for years to come. This option is an amazing one for all crafters out there.

Other Features:

Singer 8500Q Sewing and Quilting Machine is a fully-loaded modern sewing machine that can provide you with every feature that you were looking for in a beginner's model. The other features of this sewing machine include an automatic bobbin winding system, all-purpose foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, button sewing foot, needles, spool pin, spool pin felt, auxiliary spool pin, thread spool nets, lint brush, seam ripper, knee lifter, extension table, foot controller, power cord, quick start guide, and many more accessories.

This sewing machine has also come up with 25 years warranty now you can use this sewing machine for more than a decade without worrying about damage investment. For bobbin winding, you can take help from a diagram printed on the front of the sewing machine. There is no need to read manually again and again as the features of the sewing machine are user-friendly.

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Sewers who are a newbie and who are struggling to find a good sewing machine for a quality job must be wondering what is the best beginner sewing machine to buy and now you must be satisfied. There are several models available in the market that can help you in sewing but in the beginning, always choose to buy a simple sewing machine that should be user-friendly and up to the mark in terms of performance. You can get more information at CraftsSelection about top sewing machine brands.

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