Print entire tutorial content at once?

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I love the content on this site, and I've been finding it to be a very effective resource as I learn guitar.

I have been learning by printing out the tabs for each lesson and playing them as I following along with the videos, and then practicing the tabs alone later using the printed content. One thing I would love is the ability to print a whole course or chapter's content (tabs) in one go, without having to go through each lesson and print then individually.This would save me a bunch of time, and I think it would be useful to be able to print a whole chapter easilyat once. If this is possible please let me know! Thanks.

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Having this facility would be useful but would also make life easier for anyone who wants to copy/steal content and post it on pirate sites.

I wish this forum had a "block user" feature. Possibly I'm not the only one......

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