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Originally Posted by: bonesawtheater

After hearing my strings buzz one too many times I'm wondering why frets are raised or crowned at all?[/quote][p]Buzzing strings are usually due to too low action (string height relative to frets), a warped neck or uneven frets sticking up. You might want to have a competent guitar tech have a look at it.

Frets make it possible (or easier) to achieve specific pitches & a bright tone on the guitar. Without frets it is difficult to make chords ring in pitch. It is difficult to be accurate with pitch while playing certain types of lines. And it is difficult to get the notes to ring out brightly. I cover some of the problems with fretless guitars in this video.

Levelling the frets is required to make sure they are all as level as possible. That is followed by crowning to maintain or improve pitch accuracy.

Originally Posted by: bonesawtheaterWhy aren't they present but flush with the fretboard?[/quote]

Because then they would be fretless with the problems indicated above.

[quote=bonesawtheater]I know fretless guitars exist, but they have no indications as to where the frets are.

It's possible to make them with indicators, but not necessary. Some fretless guitars & bass do have them.

Hope that helps!

Why not have guitars that have frets you can see, but not feel?

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