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Originally Posted by: Carl King

Hey folks,

I'm not sure I've ever used a looping pedal in my life!

But I was considering how much fun it could be for quick practice improvs (instantly play a rhythm part and then solo on top without need for recording) or even for live-streaming some improviation sessions.

I see the Boss Loop Station is pretty fancy, but there's also a model from TC Electronics which simply has one button (Ditto Looper).

Anyone messed with these?


I've owned both the Boss RC1 and RC3, both great pedals and very easy to use without taking up much floor space and I've always recommended those to people looking to buy a first looper. I have played with some of the cheaper ones on the market but there is definitely a lower quality of sound from the cheaper ones I've tried compared to the Boss ones, I also noticed the sound quality on the cheaper ones gets worse with the more layers you add to the loop so probably a lower quality chip set used in them, the good thing with all Boss loopers is they hold value on the second hand market really well so easy to move on if you decide you want to change or upgrade.