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Originally Posted by: Carl King snip..I see the Boss Loop Station is pretty fancy, but there's also a model from TC Electronics which simply has one button (Ditto Looper). Anyone messed with these?

Boss make a number of different model Loop Stations at segmented price points. Probably the most popular is the RC-3. I been using a NUX Loop Core which is a clone of the Boss RC-3 for about 2½ years now.

Similarly the Ditto mini pedal. I been using a Kokko SOS (looper) mini pedal which is a Ditto clone for about three years. Bought it shortly after I started.

A looper of some sort is a must have in my book. I prefer the NUX Loop Core over the Kokko SOS. Even though it's more complex, ergonomically it's easier to use. Both do what they're supposed to. Great tools and a lot of fun too. Takes a bit of getting used to with the switch timing, but it's like anything else in guitar. Just do it and with famil and repetition it becomes second nature.

You've gotta' get one Carl, Boss, Ditto or whatever. I still use both.