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I agree Manxcat, I too, got a lot of projects down the road as my skills develop. This is one of them, but I just love watching the oldtimers play. I knew it was an older video and figured some have seen it before, but I had to share it.

That Bladeswitch looks like a good mod in the future as well. Of course Helen could probably make a cigar box guitar sound great. Thanks for sharing the video.

I wasn't sure if Tom was still around as there wasn't much activity in his thread recently, but seeing as he did the lesson I addressed it to him if and when he jumps back in. He's a great instructor and player. Check out his lesson on " Foggy Mountain Breakdown. " At 300bpm enough said about that. Yikes.

And Tom, hopefully we'll see you back as you've got many fans on here who admire your playing/teaching skills, but I still want to hear you play some train horns out of that Tele. lol.