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Whilst Rockabilly 'ain't my thang' such that I'd find it dificult to muster sufficient interest to fuel motivation to persist with the [u]considerable challenges[/u] in playing "Hot Rod Lincoln", I like Tom Finch's lessons too Moe.

I don't think he's currently doing song lessons for GT any more, but those of his I've done I really liked and very much enjoyed his teaching style. i.e. "Ventura Highway", "Sister Golden Hair", the rhythm parts of which Iearnt, but will have to return to revisit as the melody (VH) and slide (SGH) lines were beyond my skill level then. In particular I loved his lesson "Cocaine" which wasn't. He teaches a couple of lesser known Led Zepp ('as made famous by' cover) tunes too.[br][br]Likely on my annual list for 2022 but more llikely 2023, I plan on tackling his lesson on this. I currently place it in a similar tough ask category as "Every Breath You Take" (lesson playthrough) is for my handspan. Oh boy! We'll see what difference a couple more years makes to that perspective.

Also thanks for that You Tube link too Moe. Tele love! Oh yeah! I'd come across that vid before long ago, but forgotten about it. Re-enjoyed BK's anecdotal sharing of expertise.

Manson juggled the switch placement on his 2017 Classic TC design and replaced the blade switch with a more positive, smoother and higher quality toggle. I prefer it to the standard arrangement on my conventional Tele.

Speaking of Tele tones, have you seen this?

And if you are still around and reading this Tom F, thanks in appreciation. Know that your lessons are valued.

Cheers mates!