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Just stumbled upon the song Hot Rod Lincoln via a video on Bill Kirchen on the StewMac channel and was very pleased to see Guitar Tricks had the lesson. I'm no where near playing this one at speed. Took me a while just to get the intro notes memorized and it will be on my works in progress for quite some time, but it's a fun lick to play.

Anyway, Tom if your still around, I just wanted to commend you for a great job playing and teaching it and I also noticed that you had your Telecaster switches reversed. Did it come that way or did you modify it as a nod to Bill Kirchen? I was hoping to hear some more horn sounds.

For those not sure what I'm reffering to, I'm guessing this is what it was like before pedalboards. If for no other reason just enjoy watching two titans talking guitars. This is priceless.