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Interesting read. Thanks John.

My first time in a GC store I had not played yet. A guitar that was being loaned to me had no strings so I went there with the same trepidation as most first timers would have. Having not even played a single note in over thirty years my plan was to just get some strings and get out, but truth be told it was a very nice experience. Nobody rushed out and tried to pressure me into something I didn't need or want. I was able to just walk around freely and enjoy looking at all the beautiful instruments that I hope to someday purchase and play. I don't know if that was their business model, but I've always enjoyed just going in there and browsing. I still got another store not too far from me but they cater to a lot of professional musicians. THATS intimidating for a beginner to walk into. So like the article says this industry needs Guitar Center to stay aflout. Even if all they do is cater and inspire the young starters. Thats a good thing. Plus I think without the competition smaller stores will just jack up their prices on services to no end. I don't want to pay $80 for a truss rod adjustment.