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Originally Posted by: mjgodin

Saw this on my news feed this morning. Looks like the days of the big chain realtors is nearing an end. Hopefully it's just a restructure. I enjoy shopping there. Like a kid in a candy store.

Yes, you`re right that the concept of the "superstore" is slowly becoming extinct. I do have to confess, not only have I never been in a GC store, I didn`t even know they existed ! I deal with a few small shops in my area here in central NH. Just curious as to where the nearest GC store is. Might have to check it out if not too far.

My all time favorite guitar store is N`stuff music in Pittsburgh Pa., where I`m originally from. I ALWAYS make it a point to stop there when I go back to visit family. If you`re ever in that area, it`s worth a stop. It doesn`t look like much from the outside, but once inside there are room after room of acoustics, electrics and other fretted instruments along with just about every type of accessory you can think of. Everyone who works there plays and knows their inventory inside and out. They have great lesson programs both remote and in house ( now just remote due to the pandemic) as well as a fully equipped performance venue right next door where musicians can play to a small audience ( or just rehearse) that can be rented out. I believe you can rent instruments and other equipment as well. They thread the needle; large enough to carry a good inventory but yet intimate and responsive to the musician`s needs. Their website is Of course, there is something to be said for the small shop as well. There`s a nice, small and funky shop 10 minutes from my house that`s been around since 1970. That`s where I got my acoustic.